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Dear Campaign Advocate,

Two notices are below: first, an urgent opportunity to engage in the federal economic stimulus package currently under consideration in the U.S. Congress, and second, a recap of media coverage surrounding local press events and the national "Active Transportation for America" report.

1. Economic stimulus package opportunity

Rails-to-Trails Conservancy (RTC), in cooperation with other national transportation groups, will be submitting to Congress a compilation of trail, bicycle and pedestrian projects for decision-makers to consider funding to help stimulate the economy. As part of a community that has demonstrated a commitment to active transportation, you are invited to participate.

If you have not yet shared your idea with RTC for a ready-to-go project, please do so now. To participate, RTC needs you to submit a single priority active transportation expenditure, with a short (2-4 sentence) description of its benefits to your community. Further, keep in mind that the package’s ultimate aim is immediate job creation, so large-scale projects are more likely to be favorably considered than smaller ones.

Given the extremely short timeframe that will likely be imposed on any funding, proposed projects must be ready-to-go. The current House version of the bill stipulates that funds must be used within 120 days of distribution.

It is unlikely, though possible, that projects may overlap with your 2010 Campaign for Active Transportation priorities, due to the separate timeframes (immediate vs. post-2010).

Please e-mail your submission to by close-of-business on Tuesday, November 4. This short turnaround is necessary so we can compile these submissions with many others on Wednesday and submit a package to Congress.

Note that providing a submission for this purpose is entirely optional and in no way impacts your participation in the 2010 Campaign.

The template below may be useful in guiding your submission.


This 12-mile year-round transportation trail connecting XX and YY communities will promote economic development by providing a facility that will entice people to commute to work, school and commercial destinations, as well as visit and spend vacation time and dollars in these under-utilized regions. The local organization ____ has garnered significant public support for this trail, and all engineering and planning phases are complete. Funding Need: $4 million.


2. Media coverage recap

On Monday, October 20, RTC released to the press and the U.S. Congress its national case for greater federal investment in trails, walking and bicycling. At the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., RTC presented the "Active Transportation for America" report to Rep. James Oberstar (D-Minn.), Chair of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. The event was covered by national news media, including CNN and C-SPAN.

Joining us on or around the same day were more than 20 communities that announced their campaign participation to the public. Thanks to those of you who shared your media coverage with us. Read about this press coverage from communities across the country now.

If you received coverage not listed above, please share these stories with us. If possible, please include links to print, radio or video stories for us to post on our site, demonstrating the far-reaching impacts of the campaign.

Make no mistake about it, the campaign is really gaining momentum and publicity! A few Congressmen were even able to attend press events in their districts, and their comments convey the widespread enthusiasm for active transportation:

We’re going to get the funds that will allow all communities to really… get these trails done…
     -Congressman Bob Filner (D-Cal.)

We are on track to do in America what this [“Active Transportation for America”] report suggests we can do and should be doing.
     -Congressman James Oberstar (D-Minn.), Chair, Transportation and Infrastructure Committee

Additionally, upon accepting a copy of “Active Transportation for America” from RTC Midwest Regional Office Director Rhonda Border-Boose at the Grand Rapids, Mich. case statement press event, Congressman Vernon Ehlers (R-Mich.) reiterated his longtime support for trails and active transportation.

Thank you for your hard work. This is an exciting stage of the process, and RTC is thankful for your commitment and efforts, both to get to this stage and as we move forward in the process.


Rails-to-Trails Conservancy


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