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Dear Community Leader,

It has come to our attention that a stand-alone announcement about the campaign case statement — due to RTC by June 30, 2008 — would be helpful. This letter also provides new guidance in response to questions about case statement length.

The campaign guidance document provides detailed instructions (in Section 2B) for the case statement (referred to in the guidance document as the 'Application' to Congress).

The outline on pages 6-8 of the guidance document details the sort of factors that we believe will be important in making your case. However, your local team will be the best judges of which factors deserve emphasis in telling your community's most compelling story. Your task is to pull from your accomplishments, assets and local base of support to convey how your community would realize substantial transportation benefits from a concentrated federal investment. You do not necessarily need to address every item in the outline; rather, it is intended as a list of topics to consider in writing your case statement.

We suggest case statement narratives on the order of 10 pages, including a short executive summary (at most one page). Include evidence that a shift from driving to walking and biking will occur. If possible, your goals or expectations for mode shift should be quantified. In addition, supporting materials are welcome. In particular, these can include maps, images and other graphics, as well as data tables and letters of support.

RTC requests these narratives by June 30, 2008, so we can use the balance of the summer to develop a national campaign case statement that draws on local stories. When Congress returns in September, we anticipate reauthorization efforts will begin in earnest. It is critical that we enter this period armed with thoughtful material showcasing the importance of concentrated federal investment in communities that are prepared to shift trips to walking and biking.

Please direct any questions to

Thank you,

Rails-to-Trails Conservancy


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