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Monterey Penninsula Recreational Trail (Photo: Bryce Hall)

Help California serve as a national model for trails and active transportation networks.

Urge Governor Brown to maintain the Recreational Trails Program in California.

Act Now

Dear Trail Supporter,

Funding for thousands of miles of recreational trails in California is in danger — and we need your voice to save it.

Take action now: Urge Governor Brown to save the Recreational Trails Program!

Current federal transportation law gives governors the choice of opting out of the Recreational Trails Program (RTP). Last year, Governor Brown made the decision to remain in the program, joining all but two states in keeping important funding for recreational trails.

But now, Gov. Brown’s administration is threatening to eliminate the Recreational Trails Program in Californiaa move that could jeopardize trail funding in the state and endanger the entire program nationwide.

Rails-to-Trails Conservancy — along with our partners in the Coalition for Recreational Trails is helping lead the California Campaign to Save Recreational Trails. And we need the voice of RTC supporters like you.

Please speak out and voice your support for biking, walking and recreational trails. Urge Governor Brown to preserve the Recreational Trails Program in California.

California can serve as a national model for bicycle, pedestrian and active transportation funding — but it must secure its participation in the Recreational Trails Program.

The Governor’s plan will be heard in the California legislature this weekthat’s why you must speak out TODAY.

Please show your support for recreational trails by sending a message to Governor Brown, Acting Secretary of Business, Transportation and Housing Agency Brian P. Kelly, and your state legislator.

Thanks for speaking out for California's trails!


Laura Cohen
Director, Western Region
Rails-to-Trails Conservancy

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